BeLaunch is positioning itself as a decentralized launchpad on Sui, allowing users, especially newbies in crypto to create their own initial token sale. No coding knowledge is required, just simply navigate through to our terminal and design your own token in just a few clicks.
As a user-oriented platform, BeLaunch focuses on facilitating a balanced and mutually beneficial environment for both investors and project owners.
More than the next generation and all-in-one DeFi Launchpad for SuiOS, BeLaunch is the best place where qualified projects can come to successfully debut with many privileges related to marketing, KYC, auditing, listing and so on thanks to our large network of partners in the crypto space.
BeLaunch is financially accessible and simple for investors and project owners.
Our effective mechanism assures the best possible project launch, at the same time creates favorable conditions for projects to rocket after launch.
Why BeLaunch?
  • The lowest fees on SUI.
  • Simple to use, no coding skills required.
  • Safe and secure platform (ANTI-RUG, ANTI-BOT services).
  • Highly user-focused.
  • Partnered with many organizations in SUI that offer professional services which raise project awareness at unbeatable rates.
  • The unique staking system benefits both investors and project owners.
Last modified 3mo ago