Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Belaunch Trending Projects

Belaunch provides each project with the opportunity to gain visibility on our platform. Our launchpad spotlights the top 12 projects currently trending, and their positioning is dynamically determined by the token's performance and fundraising success.

The trending bar is governed by an intelligent algorithm meticulously crafted to maintain fairness, preventing any manipulation attempts by unscrupulous projects. Key trending metrics include:

  • Buy Volume: The higher the buy volume in your presale pool, the greater your likelihood of trending.

  • KYC + Audit: Projects bearing KYC and Audit badges will receive priority in trending rankings compared to those without these credentials.

  • SAFU: Projects awarded SAFU badges are granted the highest priority in the trending hierarchy.

  • DOXX: Projects that disclose their identities (DOXX) will receive additional consideration in the trending evaluation.

Please note that to enhance your chances of trending, it is advisable to combine the above metrics. However, it's important to understand that these metrics do not guarantee a trending position, as our algorithm continually assesses project popularity and adjusts rankings accordingly.

We strongly advise project owners against engaging external parties for "Belaunch Trending" services, as they are likely fraudulent. Our smart algorithm is vigilant in detecting deceptive trending behavior and will blacklist non-compliant projects. It is best to follow the aforementioned tips.

Please be aware that Belaunch Trending is a complimentary service. Any individuals offering Belaunch Trending services outside the platform are undoubtedly scammers. We encourage you to report and block such individuals. Your vigilance helps maintain the integrity of our community.

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