Presale terms

Q: What is "The first release for presale (%)"?

A: The number of tokens to be unlocked at the TGE (calculated as a percentage)

Q: What is "Presale token release each cycle (%)"?

A: The number of tokens paid per batch or per cycle (measured in %)

Q: What is "Vesting period for each cycle (days)"?

A: The time is due after each period or cycle (calculated in days).

Q: What is "Lockup after TGE"?

A: The token lockup period from the TGE (Token Generation Event) to the first scheduled Vesting release (measured in days).

Q: What is "Listing rate"?

A: The initial price when adding liquidity (for example, after the TGE is completed, a DEX will be created with an initial price of 1 SUI = 2 Token A)

Q: What is "Using Vesting Contributor"?

A: The entire parameters on the 'Using Vesting Contributor' option when creating IDO and selecting it are applied when users claim.

For example: When selling 100 tokens in a presale, 20% of the tokens will be released at the Token Generation Event (TGE), and then 10% will be released every subsequent month after 2 months.

First release for presale(%): 20

Presale token release each cycle (%): 10

Vesting period each cycle (days): 30

Lockup after TGE: 60

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