How to manage lock?

How to manage lock?

1. Connect to the owner wallet

2. Visit:

There will be a list of token that have been locked of all users. User can quickly search for needed ones by typing on the Search ID bar or filtering out by the Filter button right next to.

3. Click on View button to checkout for detailed locking information

If the lock belongs to other user, the web will transfer to a Lock Info board and a confirmation about the current stage of the lock (Ex: This lock has been claimed by the owner; This lock has not expired yet;...).

If the lock belongs to the account owner, the web will also transfer to a Lock Info board.

But, beside looking for the information and current stage of the lock, owner is able to unlock by pressing the Unlock button.

4. After click on Unlock, the wallet interface will pop up, asking for confirmation of the transaction fees.

If all details are accurate, proceed by clicking Approve to finalize the unlocking.

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